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At Alpan Orthodontics of Woodland Hills: Dr. David Alpan & Associates, our passion revolves around transforming lives through radiant smiles. Understanding the profound impact of a captivating smile, we are dedicated to the field of orthodontics. Our journey began with a resolute mission: to enhance smiles and thereby change lives. The essence of our commitment lies in recognizing that age is never a barrier to benefiting from orthodontic treatments. Catering to a diverse range of patients, we commence our transformative work from as early as seven years old, extending our expertise to individuals of any age. Our proficiency spans generations, allowing us to skillfully address the distinct requirements of each patient. The captivating transformations we facilitate have earned us the distinction of being more than just orthodontists in Woodland Hills; we are smile architects, crafting happiness through our meticulous treatments. With Alpan Orthodontics of Woodland Hills, Dr. David Alpan & Associates, the artistry of orthodontics finds its canvas. Our journey is one of empowerment and metamorphosis, a narrative where every smile tells a unique tale of confidence and joy.

Services: Orthodontics, Invisalign, Lightforce, InBrace Lingual Braces

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