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Allison Soares is a dedicated and professional California tax attorney. She is responsive, knowledgeable, and a staunch advocate on behalf of her clients. She has a wealth of knowledge regarding both audit and tax law and willingly shares that knowledge to educate both her peers and her clients. Ms. Soares always strives to obtain the best possible outcome given each client’s individual situation. She will work tirelessly on your behalf and try unique approaches that other attorneys may not even consider.
She thoroughly analyzes all possible options and then has candid and thoughtful conversations with her clients about how to proceed. Ms. Soares truly solves problems and her background in forensic accounting is an invaluable asset. She has the ability to utilize her open and friendly demeanor to diffuse tense situations and obtain positive results on cases – even from IRS agents, which is no easy feat! She is seen as the “go to” person to solve issues and answer questions.

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