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Cobacco-free cigarettes

KHOOR is the world’s first tobacco-free cigarette subscription company with zero tobacco and zero nicotine. KHOOR is a healthier and safer alternative than traditional cigarettes. Our mission every day is to provide a healthier cigarette alternative to all those who desire to quit tobacco cigarettes, while choosing nicotine-free KHOOR cigarettes. Through all of our collective efforts, together, we are a force for change. KHOOR understands that our planet needs us. Every time you step-out to smoke, you have the opportunity to make a healthier choice. Whether you smoke every day, or once a month, smoking KHOOR cigarettes has the potential to save millions of lives per year globally. By making tobacco-free cigarettes more accessible to everyone, the company can enable humanity to take better care of themselves and the planet. Khoor also promises to make smoking effortlessly healthier, easier and cheaper for everyone, so you can do more, get more, and be more. They are 100% natural as our hemp base material has a filtered rich, bold, organic taste thus making KHOOR the smoothest nicotine-free cigarettes on the market today.

Company Telephone: +1 855 331-4563

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